HEY "REAL" MUSICIANS : F* YOU ! We don't need to know how to play a thing to do a Bowie tribute concert
  1. Air drums :
    Life on Mars, especially the finale (+ let's Dance, especially the beginning)
  2. Air guitar :
    Ziggy Stardust. The first sentence is about Ziggy playing the guitar so just do it.
  3. Air bass
    Under pressure (the only time it's ok to play air bass) (can someone say that to my brother ?)
  4. Air piano :
  5. Air Maracas
    Changes intro
  6. Air saxophone :
    Young Americans
  7. Air weird 80s instruments :
  8. Air conductor :
    Starman : you can start by playing all instruments but by the end you'll just end up being the Chef d'Orchestre as you should be, I mean it's Starman
  9. Air singing (also call lip sync which makes no sense if you think about it) :
    Space Oddity, obviously