What it took for actresses to get fired versus what it took for actors

Double standards?!!! Naaaaaah it's a myth
  1. Colombus Short
    Threaten his wife of killing her
  2. Lisa Bonet
    Played in a movie. Also married and pregnant. Ew how dared she ?!
  3. Thomas Gibson
    Physical fight with producer
  4. Shannen Doherty
    Such a diva !!! She got fired from Beverly Hills for that apparently but then got rehired by the same people for Charmed. But don't worry she got fired again !!
  5. Isaiah Washington
    Homophobic insult toward homosexual costar. Twice.
  6. Dana Plato
    Fired from Different Strokes for no other reason than being pregnant.
  7. Charlie Sheen
    How long did it take right ?? You know publicly drunk drugs insults including the producer and basically being a peace of shit
  8. Selma Blair
    Complained about said Charlie Sheen behavior on set.