What June Looks Like In My Phone

  1. This pic has a funny story I won't tell because out of context that's just weird name dropping
  2. This is us before we played with improv legend Armando Diaz (creator of a format named The Armando so even if you don't know improv you'll get his legend level*)
    The show went terribly but the pic is cute (*as a friend's boyfriend ended up telling him "nice to meet the legend I've never heard about")
  3. Seriously we are cool now, we hold our pinkies
    Oh he also founded the Magnet in NYC so like really a big deal ok go improv nerd with me please
  4. Also traditional 4 am crêpes when very drunk never disappoint
    No filter and bad lightening but who cares
  5. Lots lots of improv as it was the 78h of improv Paris festival
  6. Hi I also have this pic on my phone in June
  7. And @DawnCloud being a fancy Parisian in front of an oversized door.
  8. Friend that doesn't live in France and I with Italian food is my favorite things 🎶
    (Sing it like Dev And big bud on master of none)
  9. Oh and June also means happy Warren during Boston's pride.