Requested by @ans
Thanks for the request Zoe (@ans is such a great handle I regret missing it haha) ! So I tried doing a top 10 of what I can think of, but of course you can ask more questions
  1. It's the prettiest city on earth
  2. You can (should) book in advance almost wherever you wanna go
    Eiffel Tower, museums, exhibitions..:
  3. Not all Parisians are rude !
    You can ask if you're lost, it won't be like in the movies when they'll send you packing ! And sometimes you'll even find nice gals like me that won't wait for you to ask if they see you're lost.
  4. Tips is included but there often few euros extra tips
    I guess the tip things is more for French in the US to remember, so what I'm saying is you don't have to put 25% tips (and now all French waiters will hate me) we usually put about 10% or even just few euros. But of course tips away if you want !! I just don't want you to be scam !
  5. The metro is awesome !
    Seriously I've seen the NY and London and other cities ones and I'm not afraid to say it : ours the easiest ! (I could just make a list of tips in the metro tho, like if you wanna change between line 1 and line 7 prefer the louvre connection than chatelet's cause the change is too long)
  6. If you wanna see Versailles count that as an entire journey; it's about 30/40 minutes away from Paris
    So don't think you can do that in the morning than something else on the afternoon ! And I wrote it elsewhere but while there visit the Marie Antoinette Trianon !!!
  7. Be careful of pickpockets
    If a group of 2/3 women come to you asking if you speak English say no it's probably pickpockets (they usually hand you a paper with an English text and while you read it they'll steal from you) (often nearby the champs Elysées or the louvre garden)
  8. We have lot of bank/public holidays so check that too when checking what are the museums open days
    Some holidays are more important than others so it doesn't necessarily mean all will be close. But For example on May 1st almost everything is closed ! Even my aunt was surprised this year when she tried to visit the museum of Quai Branly and it was close ! (And tourists were even more mad!)
  9. And also that : 99 THINGS TO DO IN PARIS
    Check also the related lists linked in this big one; I gave other addresses
  10. And you'll be Happy to know that you can eat crêpe at 3am