You know how magazines love doing that kind of articles for kid/teen actors ? You know how we love thinking about old schoolmates destiny ? WHAT IF WE DO A BIT OF BOTH !
  1. Step by Step kids
    Mark invented a very famous social network. Jt and Cody live in his guest house
  2. Dana Foster (+Rich)
    Broke up years ago, Donna married someone else, divorced and now think about having a coffee with him again. He contacted her through her brother's network
  3. Cher - Clueless
    Divorced twice. She's on the real housewives of Beverly Hills. Currently negotiating her own reality tv.
  4. Samantha's who's the boss
    That girl is smart, beautiful, funny, with good values and the best family. Of course she turned out as happy as can be. So imagine your perfect life. Now double it. That Sam's.
  5. Alex Mack
    She tried having children but they turned out to be water. Now she's a cat lady. Kids in the neighbors call her crazy cat lady and tell crazy story about her being radioactive. If only they knew...
  6. Lizzie McGuire
    Happy mother of 3. She has a blog with all her vegan recipes, decorating dyi and babies advices
  7. Ren and Louis Stevens
    They get along ! Mostly seeing each other on holidays since Louis lives in San Diego where he opened a mojito while Ren lives in New-York living that working lady life as seen in movies.
  8. Hannah Montana
    Decided to really embrace the Montana side of her life, she really focused on her career. All grown up she decided to reveal herself Litteraly and explicitly. Those sexy songs and interviews freaked everyone as they didn't want to see everyone's little daughter adult. So it makes quite a scandal. Oh. Wait.