1. List app is becoming a real crush-machine
    Please post links to your lists about crushes I don't remember when and who! EXs: lists by @TQ https://li.st/l/1CxrRrWswIxihZ9Z2gd9yH or @olivi_ahh https://li.st/l/74YWFz4I2DS8yAEHUBo9GZ
  2. It seems that everyone's crushing on AT LEAST one person at this point
    Some are having polygamous crushes and it's ok
  3. Someone has to do something about it
  4. The (very crushable) @ChrisK won't be doing any Secret-Cupids-Ooganza
    Or should it be called SECRET-VALENTINE-OOGANZA ? (Yes, it's important to name something even if it doesn't exist)
  5. I remember that @thebestSR proposed her services
    She's a JEWISH MUM its been proven that they're the best at this job
  6. But I'm not sure she can handle all those crushes.
  7. Maybe that with my distance I can help ?
    How ? I don't know but my thoughts are with you
  8. But... I guess it means not being in the "available-to-be-crush-material" list
    But I've never seen myself as crush material anyway. while I've been crushing on so many people (note that maybe none of my lists made you have a crush on me, BUT you can hear my French accent on peach which apparently is more efficient )
  9. So basically I have no idea what to do for you. I just want to say that I SEE YOU ALL crushing on each and everyone of you and you're so cute !
    (Yes some are more obvious than others) (but I won't tell don't worry)