Because my IG newsfeed was just Italy, maybe they went together ?! Oh! And For listers who don't know her.... Madonna is a Popstar.
  1. Round 1 : the food
  2. Madonna : pizza. With a flower apparently
  3. @sarahgorman : gelato
  4. Winner : Sarah G. As pizza would usually win there's no proof Madonna actually ate it. It's most likely that she pose for the picture and ate the flower she's holding. or some seeds
  5. Round 2 : The mandatory pictures in an Italian church
  6. Madonna, with friend.
  7. Sarah G, with selfie skills
  8. Winner: Sarah G. Madonna clearly meant to show she was in a church while Sarah wanted to show the church.
  9. Round 3 : leisure activities
  10. Madonna : a book in a weird pjs
  11. Sarah G : cheeses
  12. Winner : cheeses always cheeses. Hmm I mean Sarah G.
  13. Round 4 : cultural activity
  14. Madonna : Fresco analysis
  15. Sarah G : winery visit
  16. Winner : could have been a tie but being on the floor is rude. Also, wine. Winner = Sarah
  17. Round 5 : Sight
  18. Madonna: an door but apparently an important one
  19. Sarah G. : roofs and horizon
  20. Winner: Sarah G. with a picture literally open to the world while Madonna is close and cloistered
  21. WINNER BY KO @sarahgorman