In draft for weeks, I guess I just needed @giphy to be here !
  1. So season 5 starts next week !
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    The teaser is 🔥🔥🔥
  2. Seriously I won't talk about what I still haven't seen but I really lost my mind in those s5 trailers !
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  3. But this isn't a list about season 5
  4. So Lena* announced that season 6 was gonna be the last. And some friends of mine in group texts freaked out
    *i feel like I can call her Lena, Can I ?
  5. And guess what : I'm fine. It's ok. Really.
  6. Because here's the thing :
  7. 1. Shows that know their end date have better endings
    Parks and recreation, the office, DH...
  8. 2. There's nothing worst than being on the "shows that end up too late" list
    Ok maybe "the shows that end too soon" list is
  9. 3. And of course I just trust Lena with where she wants the story to go
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  10. Because continuing a show just because of a popular pressure is the worst
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    And then you'll end your show with telling the mother has been dead the all time
  11. So basically I just know it's gonna end where it's meant end
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  12. With girls being who they were meant to be
  13. I mean they already grow and changed so much in 4 seasons !
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  14. I guess it's just gonna be a perfect ending
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  15. Plus , Lena is already working on a new show about "feminism in the 60s" which is like my favorite word in my favorite era
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  16. Also learned that Lena is currently sick so just sending lots of love ! Get well soon ! ❤️