Inspired by @lame list !
  1. Acknowledgement :
    1. I do have an OKC but I barely check it, mostly do when I'm bored as hell and what to procrastinate. 2. My profile is full of jokes so clearly people should know I'm not serious. 3. Seriously even my username is related to Parker Lewis (you can check me I'm GraceMusso) 4. I know that people can look for big love or random sex and I do respect both but I think my brand is pretty clear on it 5. Nonetheless here are some messages I got
  2. Not even the best (!) / worst ones
    I usually delete the messages right away especially extra creepy ones that are so creepy that I can't even bare to have them in my inbox. Like : looking for a sub / I am a sub wanna humiliate me, with friends ? / and of course the usual "want to see pict of the beast"
  3. So dear guys of OKC :
  4. 1. I won't meet you because you are in Paris for the day/night/week-end
    I may have received hundreds like that, more or less subtil. Level of creepiness ~3/10
  5. (Ps: I don't care about your resume, not gonna happen)
  6. Never
    Still not here for your entertainment, no matter how many messages
  7. 2. Again when in my profile did you read I was into bdsm?!
    First message says hi, second says "I am submissive". That escalated quickly. Level of creepiness ~9/10
  8. 3. No, I'm not "free tomorrow night"
    Seriously, did you think I'll say YEAH ? Level of creepiness ~4/10
  9. 4. That escalated quicker
    First mail : "passionate about tv ?" Ok why not, and then.. Still unclear who's gonna smell what but level of creepiness ~8/10
  10. 5. At least he's upfront about his needs
    Look no disrespect but thank god I watch Broad City because I would have never knew what it was
  11. 6. Random antisemitism
    "Hi Sarah, I'll call you sarah because every Jewish girls are name Sarah anyway or Judith Yael" Level of creepiness ~2/10 ; level of assholeness 10
  12. 7. The fan of the metric system
    No thanks David XXL and I'll trust your word and you won't need to send me pict to prove your size. Level of creepiness: 9/10
  13. 8. The one that keep sending messages
  14. Even if you don't answer
  15. Like never .
  16. 10. Finally weird question related to my Jewishness
    FYI I described myself as "Jewish and laughing about it" so I guess there's conclusions to make out of that. 🙄 level of creepiness ~4/10
  17. Bonus : I have a pict near Sheldon..
    So I receive almost EVERYday at least one message like that one
  18. I did download bumble which is supposed to be less creepy..
    But there's no French on it
  19. I can't even the others
  20. So that's it no online dating for me
  21. Nor dating actually
  22. But it's ok I'm listing !
  23. And drinking. Happy Friday night xxx
    List sponsored by OKC, rosé and mojitos
    @aubreyljohnson @lame (+ @TQ @franksars) we have a winner !!