The problem when you're heterosexual but hate most men. (*Any resemblance with people that live or had lived would be fortuitous*)
  1. The womanizer cliché in Britney's clip
    At least he's upfront about being an ass
  2. The one you can't trust anymore
    He broke a promise once or twice, maybe something worst then promises, the result is you can't trust him anymore and it's not your fault so don't feel guilty if HE lost your trust
  3. The one that will use guilt to get things or just pity
    Sorry dude but I'm aschkenazy: my parents and grandparents used it all my life and I'm vaccinated now and guilt free since 2003.
  4. The one that disappear like nothing ever happened
    Not just ghosting, pretending there never was anything
  5. The one that fake vulnerability
    Telling you want you wanna hear, pretending of being honest but is not.
  6. The one that think he's smarter than you
    And won't even hide it
  7. The one that wanna look good (not physically more like publicly) and have a very cool social image
    But is an asshole or a player behind close curtains
  8. The one that will always talk or write in total intellectual masturbation mode, and yet think he's being modest
    But is not
  9. The male feminist
    That still mainsplains to you things every once in a while.
  10. The one that vote Trump
    or isn't "sure" Hilary is better
  11. Giphy