You know @DawnCloud is the best right ?

  1. Remember when I said I had a 40 hours birthday on May 13th ?! TURNS OUT IT WASNT OVER !!!
  2. How cool is Emma !
    After her holidays in New York and moving she managed to still think of me !!
  3. Tons of food !
    Yummy !!!!! Already ate too much chocolate
  4. TIDE TO GO !!!
    Guys I wrote about my glumsyness I even invented the FOOD BOOB ™ (aka ending every lunch or diner with food on my boobs) ; Emma knows it and now the problem is solved !! (And how cute is this F card ?!!)
  5. Aaaand HARRY POTTER THINGS !!!!!
    I have my ticket to Hogwarts PLUS I'll be able to wear my Ravenclawness
  6. Already in my Harry Potter shelf because of course I have a Harry Potter shelf !
  7. Thank you @DawnCloud !!! You're the best !! 😍😍😍😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️