What you think the life of a Parisienne is. Versus what it really is.
  1. Let's play a game I like to call "expectation versus reality"
    Like 500 days of summer but less cute
  2. Idealistic French women:
    Wear Louboutin
  3. Realistic me :
    Wear snickers at best. Mostly wear those slippers
  4. Idealistic French women:
    Drink fancy champagne for breakfast. Look good in robe.
  5. Realistic me :
    Drink not even cold nor sparkling anymore old Diet Coke directly from the bottle. Don't look good in robe.
  6. Idealistic French women:
    Will make love to you passionately
  7. Realistic me :
    Will awkwardly say hi back to you when being hit on, and then leave right away (no picts of those moments exist so please enjoy a reminiscence of my short time on an app we used to call Peach)
  8. Idealistic French women:
    Will smoke sexily a cigarette, her straight hair around her face
  9. Realistic me :
    Don't even smoke how lame. Plus freezy hair
  10. Idealistic French women:
    Are having black and white sexy French depression (thanks Crazy Ex-girlfriend for putting words to it)
  11. Realistic me :
    Just plain, sad, stays in bed, depression. Plus when you're not even cool enough to smoke, you just eat chocolate.
  12. Idealistic French women:
    Will have a fancy glass of wine every night, facing the Eiffel, maybe with a book
  13. Realistic me :
    I'll list til 3 am ! (And will have dark rings under my eyes the next day) (but why bother put make up on it)
  14. Idealistic French women:
    Will be thin
  15. Realistic me :
    Fact : it's not just my boobs that are bigs. See also one of the favorite list I wrote : FRENCH WOMEN DON'T GET FAT IS A BEST SELLER WHICH BRINGS A LIST I LIKE TO CALL REALLY?!? W/LISA&AMY where a pict of my ass can't fit in a List App photo square
  16. Idealistic French women:
    Have a classy fashion style, only wear Sandro, Maje or Claudie Pierlot
  17. Realistic me :
    Black jeans and black sweaters. Mostly from H&M and New Look. (Look at me and my brother in Rome ! I'm not all in black it's a miracle!) (the white scarf counts)
  18. Idealistic French women:j
    Will be pretty but yet simple, sophisticated, chic and "mutine" like Ines de la Fressange
  19. Realistic me :
    Yeah. Right.