A twice stolen idea from @zoe.
  1. I sometimes don't recycle properly.
    I don't always clean food off of things as much as I should because I feel bad wasting the water! Which is semi valid. But I can just be straight up lazy. Mostly w my "car trash." You know the bag of trash that builds up in your car. Do other people have car trash situations? Am I alone? Is this something that's not meant to be discussed? I'll often times just toss the car trash bag in whatever can I'm near, whether it be black or blue, never green I'm not a monster.
  2. I haven't gone out and protested for Ferguson or Baltimore.
    I was very political in high school. I never thought I'd grow up to be someone who reads and writes about injustice but doesn't go out and march. Maybe I'll start going when I get a better health insurance plan.
  3. I live in LA not NYC and love it.
    I grew up being told (like many east coast children) that LA was a culture-less traffic jam full of vapid people. I now hate that perspective on LA. I think it's under going a cultural and artistic renaissance and I feel so excited to be here during this time. Aka I love vapid people and cars 💋
  4. I sometimes buy bottled water
    I often forget a reusable metal bottle and end up buying a plastic bottle of water. To make things worse I don't like reusing plastic bottles because you know cancer. So 👸trumps 🌎.