These are in no particular order.
  1. He goes above and beyond. My favorite example of this is the photo shoot he arranged w Léa Seydoux during her down time between scenes on "Blue Is the Warmest Color" to secure his brilliant profile picture.
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  2. He is fearless! While still new to the list community he shared something personal. At his old age he's still mixing up the Pitt/Jolie kids and that's ok! He's comfortable with it. See "THINGS I OFTEN MIXUP"
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  3. He's brave, he said it. There really are only 2 types of people in the world: people who toast bread on any setting 1-5, and then the others - the people who toast on setting 6. They aren't like us, and, well, in time, they will have to be weeded out (in not so many words). See "TOASTER SETTINGS"
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  4. He's a leader! During the fragile and sad time when Serial ended he reminded us that it's all going to be ok and that one day, maybe not that day, but one day, it was going to be ok to listen to other podcasts. See "PODCASTS THAT AREN'T SERIAL"
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  5. He's aware of others. Most people who grow up in LA are completely oblivious to how scary and unnerving it is for transplants/ people who are new to movies to have to select a seat at the ArcLight. See "ARCLIGHT SEATS, RANKED"
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  6. Or 1. He's a hard worker! 150 solids lists to his name. All that while still maintaining a fairly successful Instagram feed! See @Nakraft
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  7. Or 2. He's personal, he talks about love and all the times he lost his virginity. See "TRUE LOVE IS..."WORST SONGS TO LOOSE YOUR VIRGINITY" *also vols. 2-4
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  8. Or 3. He's a historian, carefully taking the time to document that era before we had Emojis. See "➕BEFORE WE HAD EMOJI"
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  9. Or 4. He's an inventor! "THE 5 PHOTO SHUFFLE" "GUESS THE MOVIE" "MY IPHONE HOME SCREEN EXPLAINED" all now Listapp staples created by Mr. Kraft
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  10. 5. He's just witty and pun-y and doesn't understand rap (it's ok he's only human, we all have flaws) see "THING RAPPERS NEVER BRAG ABOUT (BUT SHOULD)"
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