...inspired by Nick Hornby
  1. "Gentlemen" by The Afghan Whigs
    Blew my mind when it arrived via the Columbia House "6 CDs for 1 cent" program back in 1994, and continues to morph and change with me over the last 21 years.
  2. "IV" by Led Zeppelin
    Growing up in the late 80s was a confusing time musically. I was always inclined to the post punk alternative, but as that era waned and Milli Vanilli took over I turned to the past. This lead me to buy the Led Zeppelin boxed set, which is still a prized possession.
  3. "The Wall" by Pink Floyd
    I was in 10th grade when my stoner friends introduced me to this, which also happened to be the same time I was learning about WW2 in World History. Coupled with the movie, it left a mark. It's a fucked up album/movie, but unforgettable.
  4. "The Bends" - Radiohead
    Definitely biased by where I was in life and the good memories associated for me when this was released, but there are few albums from the 90s that are able to still stand up like this album.
  5. "Greatest Hits" by Taj Mahal
    My father was a big fan of the delta blues and a guitarist, so this album was a great fusion of good, crowd pleasing songs and a hat tip to the greats I was raised on. I know greatest hits are a faux pas, but fuck it - I like this album.