Exhibitionist? Who? Me?!!
  1. Witchy witch. I made my own web from wire. Check my mad skills.
  2. Zombie Walk 2014 in Folkestone. I did it in a wheelchair as I was too sick to walk. It was a great day!
  3. I even zombied my tattoo.
  4. Hippy Prince Charming in The Rocky Panto in Dover
  5. Buzz Lightyear... I kinda only modelled this to sell the costume on Facebook.
  6. Where's Wally... Of course.
  7. Granny, for The Producers.
  8. Me on the left, as an usherette for The Producers.
  9. And again, but this time I was a pretzel show girl.
  10. A little fetish dress up, for Club Antichrist at the Colosseum, London.
  11. 20's fetish, the tame version ;)
  12. I'm the voodoo cat. Naturally.
  13. Gem, for all my 80's babies.
  14. Gaga, popstars dress up.
  15. 80's hen do. Eve used real 80's crimpers. I became chief crimper, I crimped my life away that night.
  16. Fat fairy. You will see how my weight has fluctuated over the years. I'm cool with that.
  17. Playboy bunnies for new year, Ching Ching x
  18. Me doing 'Pulp Fiction'
  19. Equus (is that how you spell it?) I played the mother.
  20. Pirate lady. Ridiculous short skirt though (what was I thinking?!)
  21. Me being Jodie Marsh for a bad taste party
  22. A witch
  23. Another witch.
  24. A devil, for a change!
  25. Receptionist in a training video for the NHS
  26. A fairy, for a fairies party.
  27. She Ra... Omg I loved she ra
  28. Zombie nurse, Halloween in Broadstairs.
  29. Miss Bell, in Fame.
  30. A royal princess. The Dover pageant
  31. A medieval person getting dressed with a hangover.
  32. Part of The Women's Land Army. Ww2
  33. Popstars fancy dress. Put on big shoes and pretended to be Gwen Stefani
  34. Mrs Cratchet in Scrooge the Musical
  35. As a bohemian (We Will Rock You)
  36. And again but as a clone.
  37. Halloween cat
  38. A ventriloquist's dummy possessed. For an original play, Freakery.
  39. More Freakery but as a Siamese Twin.
  40. More twins
  41. More dummy
  42. More dummy ... I loved this part
  43. A harem/burlesque act
  44. A good harem girl. This was from an original play, Haremesque.
  45. Christmas this year 2015
  46. Princess Victoria. It was literally the hottest day of the year! I did a few live performances for the Ramsgate Costumed Walks.