I make my own religion and it's about love. That's all.
  1. I have a man of honour
  2. I'm getting an arm tattoo to compliment my big white dress
  3. I didn't want a white dress but I fell in love with one
  4. I'm wearing unicorn shoes
  5. And my something blue, will be my underwear
  6. Our cake is a doughnut tower
  7. I will have lilac hair
  8. My groomsmen don't matxh
  9. My groom will have an open shirt and waistcoat
  10. Nobody will know our first dance song, it had to be very personal to us
  11. Our party is in a church, our ceremony a old boarding school/ priory.
  12. I'm not doing a veil, he's already seen my vagina, being unveiled just doesn't sit with me
  13. My Dad is my escort. He's not giving me away, I'm not a possession.
  14. I'm thinking of a karaoke reception
  15. With candy floss
  16. And seashells
  17. Because we love the sea
  18. And blue is our favourite colour
  19. Making Curaçao the perfect honeymoon
  20. Our wedding day will start at 6.30pm
  21. I deserve a long lay in on my wedding day right?
  22. He's not having a stag do or best man. He's not a fan of people
  23. There will be more...