I'm getting better at this disability lark
  1. Micellar water
    Literally I can clean my face from my bed now. Genius liquid.
  2. Magnesium oil spray with lavender.
    This stuff really helps my achy legs feel less... Achy. Smells nice too and it's moisturising.
  3. Sage drops
    I put sage drops in water. It cured my hot sweats, particularly my night sweats, they are 100 times better.
  4. Groupon... For the heated foot massager bargain
    I can warm my toes up and the vibration is a good pain distraction too.
  5. My max factor concealer
    Invest in a decent concealer, because if you sleep as badly as I do you will have puffy eye bags galore.
  6. Tiger balm
    My feet get ridiculously painful and I find this balm so soothing
  7. Paracetamol
    It's an undefeated pain drug. I take tramadol and on really bad days I take a tramadol/paracetamol combo, to boost the tramadol a pain power. My pain nurse recommended this to me.
  8. Nutribullet
    Yes smoothies are good for you. But this is a hack because I'm often too exhausted to prep beg for dinner, so I blend it into a smoothie in seconds and drink it with my the non veg part of my meal.
  9. Water
    I'm aiming at 3 litres a day, anything to boost my wellbeing. I have a water filter and record my intake on the idrated app
  10. Wheelchair
    The biggest hack of them all. I listen to my body. Most days I can walk and I do walk. However I'm not declining a trip to a zoo, or a days shopping in London because my legs won't cope all the way round. I also no longer push myself to the pain limit to walk further than I should as this only puts me in bed for days after. If I need wheels, I use them. But only when I need them, independence is so important.