I found a religion that matches my belief system only last year. I feel more complete now. #deism
  1. I believe in God, my God.
    I'm spiritual, I feel the energy in nature, in people. If everything is science so be it, but who created science? How does science exist? Is science alone the beginning and end of everything? I don't believe it can be. How do we explain love, genuine love, the pain that comes from a heart breaking, the connection we have with some and not others.
  2. God observes
    God does not intervene. This is very clear to me. All of the pain, suffering, torture, injustice, hate, disaster. God can't intervene because got set those wheels in motion. If God could intervene, I believe intervention would have happened. Look at all the beauty in nature, in the human soul, there's a positive side to existence that thrives without intervention.
  3. I don't believe in fairytales
    I don't believe in books written by humans. I don't trust some people I know to tell the truth so why trust the writings of men and women from thousands of years ago? Plus... Chinese whispers. It's all just hearsay to me.
  4. I believe spirituality is personal
    I don't believe in hanging out in buildings made my humans, singing songs about fairytales. I don't need to actively practice faith because I have faith in my own belief system.
  5. I believe in life after death
    You only need to look at science to know that everything on this earth that does creates life.