Inspired by @ListPrompts... I'm talking 'life partner' here...
  1. A significant beard
  2. Height
  3. A quirky sense of humour
  4. An IQ over 125
  5. Nice footwear
  6. A love of 90's Brit pop or techno/euro dance
  7. Tolerance
  8. Someone who will have a baby or adopt a baby with me and will not insist it is christened...
  9. And will also be cool that said baby will decide its own gender.
  10. Someone who will let me hang out with guys, because they are self assured and trust in my commitment and faithfulness. Because I'm better friends with guys that girls.
  11. A Deist ideally or an 'non practiser' of religion
  12. A humanist will be fine
  13. Someone who likes Krispy Kremes
  14. Someone who hates chick flicks
  15. Someone who will happily watch 1* rated movies on Netflix with me
  16. Someone who watches films with subtitles
  17. A creative soul
  18. Someone who will wear ridiculous hats