this is a list of all the many liquids I like to drink. Yum.
  1. Water
    The good stuff. Can't live with it, can't live without it. Great drink.
  2. Beer
    It's kind of like bread soda. Love too drink a bunch of these with my pals. Like having fun? This is the stuff for you.
  3. Blue juice
    This is the holy grail of beverages. Give me a cup of this and I'll go nuts. Can't wait to get a hold of a big jug of it someday.
  4. Coffee
    Don't eben talk to me til I've had my coffee!!
  5. Gatorade
    The best kind is yellow. Blue is good but technically that falls under the Blue Juice category. Sports drink. Makes me good at basketball like Michael Jordan @
  6. Pineapple juice
  7. Soda
    Can't believe I forgot to put this bad boy on the list. Where to start? I love it. Sprite is the best one. Coke is good too. If you mix the two together it makes a ginger ale. Which I also love. The bubbles are good and so is the flavor. Put me in front of a coca cola freestyle machine and watch me go to town! It's the reason why I'm fat and I'm not even mad at it. Wonderful beverage. 5 stars