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  1. Tuesday, July 11 at 7:30pm
    El Tejano in North Hollywood. Yes it's the Valley –– get over it.
  2. Hosts: @meldecandia & @gryffindia already reserved the patio! Give it up for being on top of things.
  3. It's Taco Tuesday, which means $1 tacos!
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  1. Friday, July 28th from 4pm - closing.
    Bare Bottle Brewing Co. –– 1525 Cortland Ave. in Bernal Heights
  2. Hosts: @cvlop61 & @angela3950 are gonna secure a table at 4pm, but come at your own leisure!
    DM @cvlop61 if you're gonna come –– rough head counts are always appreciated.
  3. @michellejennifer, @supercommonname, & @dreadpiratemama are also gonna be there so like... what's your excuse?
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  1. Saturday, November 26th @ 13:00
    The Lighterman, Granary Square (Behind Kings Cross Station)
  2. Host: @alexim
  3. The plan: drinks, merriment, and li.st chat!
  4. Stay tuned for more meetups
    And contact us if you want to host your own: hello@li.st
  1. Saturday, 1st October 2016 from 4:30pm
    A laid back/getting to know you in the park.. and maybe a little spontaneous public list reading (if you're keen!).
  2. Hosts: @jesszaffino (WA) and @jpbateson (QLD)
  3. So that's 4:30pm at the park east of the Harbour Bridge (north of the Park Hyatt).
    [a wet weather option will be arranged if we need one]
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  1. Saturday, July 30th @ 6:30pm
  2. There will be a chance to read your list live!
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  1. Friday, June 24th @ 6pm
    Location: 21st Amendment
  2. With special guest appearances by: @michellejennifer, @kate81, and @im_yon
  3. Because it's a Giants game day, hosts will get there early to secure a spot.
    How nice is that?!
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  1. A mysterious package arrived from down under...
  2. Challenge accepted!
  3. Surprised this is an Aussie treat since "Burger Rings" sounds like a staple of the American diet.
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  1. Meeting new, interesting, and kind people isn't your jam.
  2. You recently received 20 stitches in your abdomen and are afraid you'll pop them if you laugh too hard.
  3. Starting a story with "So I went to this thing with a bunch of strangers from the Internet and it turned out to be awesome" doesn't sound appealing.
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Or, more specifically, Brooklyn
  1. Tuesday, May 17th @ 9:45pm Eastern
    Location: The Bell House in Brooklyn
  2. After li.st live, The Bell House will keep the bar open and anyone (21+) is welcome to come.
    So if you can't come to the show, come by afterward to hang!
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  1. About you:
    You are on The List App and/or enjoy meeting cool people. You live within reasonable driving distance of Chicago. Alternatively, you live anywhere on Earth and have a free flight voucher that expires this Sunday and can't decide where to go...
  2. About us:
    We are a fun, friendly, and extremely good looking bunch of folks who live in and around Chicago who will be coming together to eat, drink, read our lists, and just generally be merry.
  3. Why not come join the fun, this Saturday?
    Event details here: Chicago, IL(ist)
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