1. Friday, July 28th from 4pm - closing.
    Bare Bottle Brewing Co. –– 1525 Cortland Ave. in Bernal Heights
  2. Hosts: @cvlop61 & @angela3950 are gonna secure a table at 4pm, but come at your own leisure!
    DM @cvlop61 if you're gonna come –– rough head counts are always appreciated.
  3. @michellejennifer, @supercommonname, & @dreadpiratemama are also gonna be there so like... what's your excuse?
  4. Partners, kids, dogs, bots — all are welcome.
  5. Mark your calendar!
  6. Stay tuned for more meet-ups
    If you'd like to host your own, send us a message or an email hello@li.st
  7. One more week!