1. Meeting new, interesting, and kind people isn't your jam.
  2. You recently received 20 stitches in your abdomen and are afraid you'll pop them if you laugh too hard.
  3. Starting a story with "So I went to this thing with a bunch of strangers from the Internet and it turned out to be awesome" doesn't sound appealing.
  4. Listening to people read their original, funny and interesting lists sounds boring.
  5. You're allergic to hugs.
  6. The main reason you're on li.st is to make grocery lists.
  7. You have enough friends already.
  8. You're actually a mole person who has been ghosting as a real human on li.st and therefore going to a meet-up would expose your true form.
  9. This meme doesn't apply to you
  10. ***************
  11. For those of you who want to host a meet-up, here's how: