List your favorite pizza by crust, sauce and toppings. ⚪️ A "crowd list" is a list where we all chime in on a common topic/question/survey/poll.
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  2. Plain, Plain with Ricotta, Plain with Pineapple, in that order.
    Suggested by   @AsaAkira
  3. New York pizza. Any kind, anytime.
    Suggested by   @jannychan
  4. Piece Pizza: Wicker Park, Chicago; red sauce, mozz, roasted red peppers, artichokes, pepperoni.
    Suggested by   @hillaryweiss
  5. Medium crust (chewy but not too thick), loaded with veggies - peppers and onions, broccoli, spinach, artichokes, olives, and thin, crispy fried eggplant. NO MUSHROOMS.
    Suggested by   @DG
  6. Veggie lovers with pineapple! Or pineapple and jalapeño! Or Greek styled pizza at those build your own pizza places! Or just pizza in general!
    Suggested by   @srikala12001
  7. Spinach and feta!!
    Suggested by   @torihyder
  8. Free and hot. No anchovies please.
    Suggested by   @lynn0826
  9. Mystic 😎
    Suggested by   @diamarrhea
  10. Medium crust with pepperoni, artichokes, jalapeño, pineapples, and fresh mozzarella
    Suggested by   @bless
  11. Coal-fired pizza with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and basil from my hometown pizzeria, Salvatore's ❤️
    Suggested by   @allysonarno
  12. Chicago style thin crust, red sauce, pepperoni and fresh garlic .
    Suggested by   @jenward
  13. Dimo's Pizza ❤️ Wicker Park, Chicago
    Suggested by   @jsyrkinn
  14. Thin crust pepperoni and cheese
    The type of pizza where it's cut into small squares and the pepperoni is below the cheese
    Suggested by   @kaelin_dodge
  15. Pepperoni and banana pepper 🍕
    Suggested by   @ErinFlaherty
  16. Red Pizza. 3 Cheese (Mozzarella, Parmesan, Ricotta). Shredded Onions. Shredded Sausage. Topped with fresh basil.
    Suggested by   @BradR
  17. Just gimme the pizza already and no one gets hurt!
    Suggested by   @weimsworld
  18. This is gross, but forget all those artisan pizzas, give me Pizza Hut 🍕 any day. 😜
    Suggested by   @amazinglyaverage