A "crowd list" is a list where we all chime in on a common topic/question/survey/poll.
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  2. Custard stand attendant at Mary's Place Restaurant in Appleton, Wisconsin USA
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  3. Bussing tables at a hotel restaurant (but I also babysat neighborhood kids for a couple years before that, if that counts)
    Suggested by @weimsworld
  4. Nanny for a bratty 12-year-old.
    I was only 15 myself. I worked all day every day for a pittance but got to go to the pool every day and had the best tan of my life. Plus they had cable TV, a rarity at the time.
    Suggested by @jhope71
  5. I dived for lost objects in the pools at Water Country USA in Williamsburg, VA
    Suggested by @dudleyjoshua
  6. Mascot for a minor league baseball team.
    Suggested by @HisDudeness
  7. Employee at Wendy's
    Sandwich Station extraordinaire, one of the most fun jobs ever
    Suggested by @kate81
  8. I worked at the financial aid office at my college.
    I sat at a desk for 10 hours a week and did homework, sat on Facebook, and occasionally scanned some documents and did some data entry. I got hired my freshmen year and was there until the day I graduated. I loved every minute of it b
    Suggested by @elruff
  9. Student office assistant at my college
    I answered the phone of it rang which was rare. I mostly just made lots of scans for this one professor.
    Suggested by @nervesofscared
  10. Short order cook at a lunch counter in the back of a pharmacy.
    Suggested by @missy
  11. Cook at beach food shack
    I originally was supposed to work up front, but I really didn't want to talk to customers. So instead I started helping in the back until one of the assistant cooks quit. Then I got his job. The next year, our manager/head cook got injured and I took over at age 15 until he healed.
    Suggested by @DavidRobson
  12. Worked IT at my college.
    If anyone was wondering, "have you tried turning it off and on again?" is actually how everyone wanted to answer the phone. I had the social skills of Moss and the IT knowledge of Jen
    Suggested by @libby92
  13. I put hooks on suction cups in a factory. Every third day, I helped to run the blister machine. That's when I was 16. When I was 14, I would work under the table at the local fairs at a hot sausage stand. Norman's Hot Sausages. For like a $1.25 an hour. (But I could ride the rides for free.)
    Suggested by @biz
  14. Stock boy/customer helper at a True Value hardware store in small town Indiana.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  15. Classroom aide at a preschool for children with developmental disabilities.
    Babysitting was my first money-earning endeavor, but this was my first official paycheck. I worked at the school every summer while I was in college and just loved my job.
    Suggested by @DG
  16. Selling road-side Christmas Trees, aged 14
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  17. I was a sandwich artist at Subway; it was vile.
    Suggested by @13spencer
  18. Babysitter for my little cousins lol
    Suggested by @wallflower
  19. Waitress
    Parents owned a restaurant. I lived and breathed family business growing up - it's tough working with your parents. It's built character I believe is what they say!
    Suggested by @DawnCloud
  20. Box office/concessions/usher at a $2 movie theater.
    Memorable moments: manager getting punched by a hobo, calling the police because a man masturbated in a movie about talking animals, getting drunk and eating tacos while watching movies with coworkers after hours.
    Suggested by @xoerikadanielle
  21. I was a lab assistant
    Suggested by @GargiBera
  22. billingual poll worker at the ripe age of 15
    Suggested by @bonafide
  23. Lifeguard at the local YMCA 🌞
    Suggested by @aubreyljohnson
  24. Detasseler at age 12 in small town Nebraska working for Pioneer
    Suggested by @paige
  25. Berry picking. We got paid by the pound. SECOND GRADE!! My mother dropped me off at the berry field in the morning and picked me up in the afternoon. Child labor laws not prohibit this, but I enjoyed it. I got cash money and could spend it as I pleased.
    I had the most kick ass Tonka Truck setup of all my friends, because I had a job. Also, I could buy my own candy; mostly licorice ropes because they were a nickel. (Unspoken benefit of being a berry picker? If you're careful to not get caught, you got to throw rotten berries at your friends. Awesome!)
    Suggested by @pili_ervin
  26. Busboy at a Mexican Restaurant. Age 14.
    Suggested by @BradenCorliss
  27. Hostess at a rooftop restaurant in Montauk
    The customers hated me if I didn't give them the seat they wanted. The waitresses hated me if I did. I was tackled by the star of that year's The Bachelor and given a $2 bill to make up for it. Fun times.
    Suggested by @katya
  28. Sales Associate at GAP 👍🏼
    Suggested by @erinflusche