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  2. Window
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  3. Window
    Suggested by @jennifergster
  4. AISLE
    Suggested by @manda
  5. Window. Wanting aisle is psychopath behavior.
    Suggested by @dubstep
  6. Window
    Suggested by @estone
  7. Aisle
    Suggested by @DawnCloud
  8. Window
    Or I die
    Suggested by @daniela
  9. Aisle
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  10. Aisle
    One shoulder that doesn't have to feel cramped.
    Suggested by @gwcoffey
  11. aisle
    Suggested by @aus10
  12. Aisle
    Leg room on one side, no feeling of being trapped.
    Suggested by @macnchz
  13. ASLE
    You never have to experience the awkwardness that ensues when stepping over complete strangers,you have the best view of snacks, you won't have to reach awkwardly to throw things away when the trash comes by, first out of the plane in your row, you can see when bathrooms are clear etc.....
    Suggested by @audreypalumbo
  14. Window
    Can lean and sleep
    Suggested by @kate81
  15. Aisle
    If I'm on a red eye or overnight flight I may choose window, but after sitting window next to this and feeling claustrophobic to the point of tears, I vowed never to voluntarily be trapped ever again.
    Suggested by @LeahG
  16. Aisle
    But it actually depends on how long the flight is. Long haul flights = definitely aisle. But for short flights I sometimes like window seats.
    Suggested by @barefootmeds
  17. Aisle if flying alone, window if flying with friends or family
    Suggested by @empassini
  18. Window!!!
    Suggested by @kianaajan
  19. Window
    Best available sleeping opportunities!
    Suggested by @aashkashbgosh
  20. Aisle
    Suggested by @jennybird
  21. Window, always! Regardless whether it's day or night, or whether I'm looking at the clouds or the tiny cities below.. It's my FAV
    Suggested by @jennamarie
  22. Aisle
    I've gone back and forth many times. On one hand the window offers the view and the wall (for to rest against). When I'm feeling wonderous I'll choose window to get some pictures and daydream. But on the other hand, aisle has way more legroom (I'm over 6' this is essential), feels way less claustrophobic, and you can get in and out for bathroom, luggage etc. Lastly you move slightly less when the plane rolls since you're closer to center, a plus for the motion sickness prone like me.
    Suggested by @wmf
  23. Window
    Yeah sure it can be inconvenient. Have I crawled and kept over people and woke people up to use the bathroom? Yes. Was it awkward? Of course. But the view! The earth, the clouds, the sunsets, the sunrises, the lighting storm I recently saw... 😘 the view
    Suggested by @edge
  24. C. None of the above
    I try to avoid airplane rides whenever possible. All seats give me a migraine
    Suggested by @afterlife
  25. Window. Aisle is so boring.
    Suggested by @Yosha
  26. Window. I'm such a child. I LOVE looking out the window, especially down at all of the lights on at night.
    Suggested by @classicalexa
  27. Window 4lyfe!
    Suggested by @supercommonname
  28. Aisle
    Fast exit plus bathroom accessibility if necessary
    Suggested by @LizDawson
  29. window!!!
    i have a strong bladder and need to face away from people to sleep, plus the view!!
    Suggested by @taylord
  30. Aisle.
    Up until last year was a die hard window person. But the worst is having to use the bathroom when the people next to you are sleeping. My mind immediately goes to dark places. Having the peace of mind is so worth it.
    Suggested by @LiterateNStylsh
  31. Window
    I literally never get up when I'm on a plane. Also you have a place to lean up against in attempt to fall asleep.
    Suggested by @kaitlynvella
  32. Window.
    Suggested by @avabellows
  33. Aisle
    Leg room and freedom
    Suggested by @stefswil
  34. Aisle, if you fly enough the window is way overrated!
    Suggested by @Mbates11