1. 0
  2. Zilch
  3. Less than or equal to 0
  4. 1^10 - 1
  5. Square root of 0
  6. Same as the chances of the Warriors not winning
  7. Same as the chances of me telling my mom that I snuck a girl into the house when I was in 9th grade and we watched The Ring and that's all we did.
  8. Same as the chances of my mom downloading the @list app without my assistance because she doesn't know how to download apps
    For the record I like my mom a lot but she is very technologically challenged. It's not her fault it's just her generations fear of change.
  9. Same as the chances of me meeting @bjnovak and not thinking about the phrase "Battered Women.....sounds delicious."
    Check out some early BJ Novak stand up on YouTube for reference.