Little tidbits that I found interesting or useful from the @bjnovak interview on The Tim Ferriss Show. Interview was on November 25th 2015 so some things might need to be updated.
  1. What books do you give most often as gifts?
    -Daily Rituals by Mason Currey -Oxford Book of Aphorisms by John Gross
  2. Advice to New Stand Ups
    -Book first week of shows all at once. -You never know how an idea will play until you test it. -Find out what you love about an idea or bit. Ask what you are most proud of within that idea and go from there.
  3. #1 Creative Productivity Advice (if it works for you)
    Separate writing into 2 Phases: idea phase and execution phase
  4. Organizing a Show
    If you don't care about the money, always give it to charity - then everyone will do it and it will be a great show.
  5. Writing materials
    -Moleskin Cahier notebooks (can buy 3 packs on Amazon) -Uniball Vision Pens
  6. Powering up to write
    -Venti Starbucks -Music (Pandora - early blues or Sirius - 35 (indie/alt)) -Need to be in a good mood
  7. When you think of Successful who do you think of?
    William Shakespeare - his work was moving and popular
  8. Best purchase under $100
    Big ice cube tray
  9. Podcast Recommendations
    -Great Debates -Intelligence Squared
  10. Documentary recommendations
    -Catfish -To Be And To Have -Overnighters
  11. TV Shows to watch good comedy writing
    -The Grinder -Mr. Show (Season 4)
  12. Advice to 30 Year Old Self
    -Nobody is paying attention to anybody else. Take your time. Be in it, enjoy it.
  13. Historical figure you aspire to be like
    Ben Franklin - Started in comedy, always kept sense of humor
  14. If you were to teach a seminar at Harvard what would you teach?
    -Assign parodies of literature
  15. Miscellaneous Advice (related to creativity)
    -Get people's attention and back it up -Think like the person hiring you