1. Exciting
    Building meaningful relationships. Meeting people. Searching for a deeper sense of self. Going to chick fil a and ordering a full bag of waffle fries.
  2. Frustrating
    Constant struggle between passion and work, especially when work can be uninspiring and repetitive. Not getting enough chick fil a sauce for the waffle fries.
  3. Filled with Reflection
    Am I in the right place? Am I making the right decisions? Are there even any answers? Am I asking too many questions? Should I have eaten all the waffle fries?
  4. Humbling/motivating
    Meeting successful and creative people who are light years ahead of you. There are so many unique and talented people out there. Like the people at chick fil a who make the waffle fries.
  5. Fun
    Not a lot of commitments at this point in life. Lots of freedom to explore and live spontaneously and go to chick fil a pretty much any time I want.
  6. Educational
    Reading all the time. Finding new interests. Developing those I already have. Extreme thirst for knowledge. And extreme thirst for chick fil a lemonade.
  7. Confusing
    Finding a voice. Filled with uncertainty. Podcasts only answer so many questions. Why can't chick fil a be open on Sunday's?