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I have a year until my days as a university student at over and I have to become an adult. Here I ponder how I could possibly put off this eventuality even further
  1. Do some sort of masters degree, hence prolonging my time here
    Seems a viable option as at this point the most likely.
  2. Get a job
  3. Run away to Australia / New Zealand
    I recognise these are 2 different countries offering different things but both are very far away and as such have groups them together. Also everyone else is doing it
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  1. This is more me looking for responses rather than actually answering the question posed
  2. For the record I'm on Twitter and Facebook but 'on' in the sense that I stalk people I know, once knew or are never likely to know and contribute nothing to social media myself.
  3. So you know when an argument comes up about how social media is destroying kids these days and society as a whole I can play my 'I never post anything' high and mighty card and feel good that I'm not contributing to the supposed demise of today's youth
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  1. Six feet under
    The fact that I still haven't finished this annoys me beyond belief. I have 4 episodes left and have had 4 episodes left for the last year and a half. I inadvertently found out what happens in the last episode so is there really any point ?
  2. Mad Men
    I think in on series 2. I have fallen victim to the Netflix curse of starting this show and watching 3 episodes on one day and then nothing for 2 weeks. Also I know it's good and people can remind me all they like but you have to actually concentrate and for someone with a limited attention span this is harrrrd
  3. 30 Rock
    To be fair this is an ongoing affair. Over the Christmas period the rate at which I'm watching this has tripled and I'm now on series 5 but it's taken a fucking long time to where I am today and there's been some ups and there's been some downs - you know what I'm talking about but I couldn't have done it without the support of my family and my currently fictional soon to be (hopefully) real boyfriend. Thank you
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  1. Well if Lena dunham's using it..
  2. Oh and Mindy Kaling
  3. Why did my phone autocorrect Mindy to Monday. Ah well
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