1. Well if Lena dunham's using it..
  2. Oh and Mindy Kaling
  3. Why did my phone autocorrect Mindy to Monday. Ah well
  4. Ooh Jimmy Fallon
  5. No wait let's address the issue, Mindy is a legit name
  6. Turns out I can't spell for shit and did in fact type monday
  7. *deletes strongly worded letter addressed to 'the man who decides what names are valid and hence are suggested as an autocorrect option'*
  8. What was I doing before I found out about this ?
  9. Who can tell, I've been on this for a good hour now and there's no going back
  10. All I know is I need to find out the names of all of Emily Gilmore's maids if I am to go to sleep satisfied
  11. Oh and there's already a list for that, how convenient
  12. Can I join what I imagine to be the hundreds in protest at the rankings of the 16 Pixar films- the incredibles at no.1 ? What the what ?
  13. How has this descended to it being several hours later, several fruity ciders down and I'm deciding what traditional Icelandic proverb to get as my first tattoo