1. This is more me looking for responses rather than actually answering the question posed
  2. For the record I'm on Twitter and Facebook but 'on' in the sense that I stalk people I know, once knew or are never likely to know and contribute nothing to social media myself.
  3. So you know when an argument comes up about how social media is destroying kids these days and society as a whole I can play my 'I never post anything' high and mighty card and feel good that I'm not contributing to the supposed demise of today's youth
  4. Anyways this brings me onto Instagram, is it worth joining ? Bearing in mind my interactions on there will probably be similar to my ghost like presence on Twitter
  5. And if it is worth joining, is it worth deleting Twitter and Facebook ? Can Instagram provide all those same stalking opportunities whilst remaining relatively anonymous ?
  6. That last point was meant in jest, sort of, but seriously is it just for wannabe hipsters that know how to use a filter and people that like to think they're great photographers or is it a genuine site wholly unto itself that is arguably better than other forms of social media ?
  7. Thanks!