Disclaimer: Not meant to diminish some of the amazing Marvel characters. They're just not as good as DC. The X-Men are excluded entirely, diehard X-Men loyalist here. Will never say a word against them. Proceed.
  1. DC was founded first.
    Founded in 1934 as National Allied Publications. First comic debuted in 1935. Marvel wasn't founded until 1939.
  2. The DC characters require no introduction
    Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. Green Lantern. The Flash. Aquaman.
  3. The Marvel characters are cheap imitations.
    Spider-Man inspired by Superman. Deadpool inspired by Deathstroke. Punisher inspired by Batman. Tony Stark very Bruce Wayne-like.
  4. DC parent company publisher of Watchmen and V for Vendetta
  5. Now let's allow the next tier of DC characters speak for themselves
    Joker. Catwoman. Lex Luthor. Bane. Deadshot. Green Arrow. Alfred Pennyworth. Batgirl. Ra's al Ghul. Commissioner Gordon. (Pretty much all Batman universe characters)
  6. DC characters are more complex, darker, more original, truly iconic.
  7. Superhero references 40-50 years ago
    Adam West's Batman. Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman. Every Superman iteration. **cough cough**
  8. The Batman v Superman rivalry is more heavily debated and substantial
    Entirely within the DC universe. Marvel who?
  9. DC has villains you almost root for (and sometimes do)
    They're not just "bad guys". They're full of depth, character development and vulnerability.
  10. Marvel once went bankrupt.
    DC never had that problem.