I spent last night, unable to fall asleep, remembering all of the things that scared me the most as a kid (some listed below)... No wonder I have nightmares 🤔
  1. The basement of the house I grew up in
    I'd do the whole, get in position as if I'm using sprinting blocks, leap and run as fast I can to get the clean towel from the laundry and run back upstairs. Didn't help my mom said she saw a dark cloud that would float around the basement after she used a ouija board 😒
  2. Jumping off a diving board
    As someone who always (and still) LOVES being in the water.. I really don't know what I thought was going to happen.
  3. My dad in army fatigues and makeup
    My dad used to make a scarecrow out of a set of his army fatigues a month before Halloween. Then on Halloween he'd dress up put on his camo makeup and sit in the chair next to the stoop. Lots of jumping and terrifying neighbor children. Despite knowing this, I'd hide under tables, clutching the table legs, terrified and not believing it was my dad.
  4. The big slide at fun world
    Fun World was usually anything but. They had giant animatronic bears that played music after suddenly appearing from behind red velvet curtains 😳. And this massive slide that you spent forever climbing to the entrance of, only to know it'd take a year to get to the bottom. Covered, twisty slide that went throughout an entire section of the building. I could only go on the lap of some older sibling.