Music is audible love, where love is defined as passion and passion is not confined to romance, but "strong and barely controllable emotion". Thank you @nathanveshecco for the request!
  1. Now that that's out of the way..
  2. Music is the soundtrack to your life
    I have songs that were milestones for my parents divorce, my moms passing, graduations (even my 6th grade one), entering the world of dating 😉😶
  3. It speaks on my behalf
    I use lyrics in place of my own words and always have. Old AIM profiles, list app bio, my username is a song lyric! (1000 pts if you know it without cheating 🏆). I've used lyrics as love notes and as outlets for rage and depression... The list goes on
  4. It has been my closest friend in the best and darkest of times.. But usually the darkest
    There are songs and bands I can directly thank for keeping me here. (Super dramatic sounding, but actually true.)
  5. The memory association with music provides a sort of scrapbook function to your life
    There are moments and experiences I've literally forgotten about until a song brought some memory blazing to the forefront. And then, alternatively, when I'm waxing nostalgic I can listen to something and "look back"
  6. I truly believe there is some sort of spiritual voodoo with music because certain songs will come on at the PERFECT, most PRECISE moment that have no reason to appear (sometimes I'm just walking down a street and a song will emerge from someone's phone or a storefront as if a ghost is tapping me on the shoulder)
  7. Music has tremendous utility for me and I love it!
    When I'm ragey or sad, I put on music and dance it out or run it out. Works every time. When I want to get excited or pumped up, I put on music and dance or sing. Works every time.
  8. Music, more than anything else, brings me to tears (across all emotions)
    Like, literally. Not even in a cool way. The House of Cards theme song - I mean, what? And then I laugh during moments where it'd be more appropriate to cry. 🙄
  9. It unites people and brings hope
    You can see this throughout history.. It's truly amazing.
  10. Bottom line: it's cathartic, fun and reliable.
  11. I'd like to end with a quote from Albus Dumbledore. "Ah, music," he said, wiping his eyes. "A magic beyond all we do here!"