This made me feel old, but I'm cool w it.
  1. When I lived in the sunroom of someone's apartment. The original version "Watch Netflix & Chill" - "Watch GF finish a Studio Art Project & Chill" ...painful example of why this version didn't take - this WAS a date. One of the 1st pics of my future husband. Sleep Creep status 💯%.
  2. Text sent to my by this man as I'm finishing the first caption. It is 8 years after that date, but shopping & booze is still the way to my 💗 (and such) and he fucking KNOWS it. Also, the coloring books - I am so excited!
  3. Back when using a Gigantic Dictionary was a Thing, mine came with pictures like this one in the front. Others included: state flowers, types of ships, collage of works by famous artists, etc. I use this as my phone's wallpaper bc Nostalgia.
  4. Picture uncovered by one of my oldest and dearest friends. That would be me giving birth to a Cabbage Patch doll. I want to say I was 11 - certainly old enough to realize how goddamn weird I am.
  5. My asshole dog likes to roam around Roomba-style and lick nonsense off the floor. This makes her throw up and, she prefers to do so on the carpet. One of my Snapchats. She still cute.