Because as DJ Khaled says, "Imma congratulate MYSELF. Don't wait on They to congratulate you." Inspired by @aj_open
  1. Got to work before everyone else
    Which means I get to leave early, under the guise that I arrived earlier than I actually did
  2. Leaving work early
    See above. Cause and effect.
  3. Remembered to bring my Anti Depressants to work so I could take them during my commute
    On the days I decide to be early, I tend to forget them at home
  4. Called the Pharmacist!
    Made sure BOTH Rx are ready to pick up at the same time (efficiency award!)
  5. Brought a healthy lunch
    And resisted the Easter candy brought in yesterday by some SABOTEUR
  6. Refrained from buying champagne with the company card
    When I noticed that my most hated co-worker is "out of the office" for the entire day