BY TOM HAVERFORD on Parks & Recreation
  1. Leslie Knooope, Tom Haverfoooord, Datin in the day, datin' in the night, datin' all day cause he's keepin tight. Datin in the car, datin on the floor, datin everywhere cause she wants some more. Mm wut? yah, mm are we gonna? mm yah -
  2. Damn Jerry - what would you do for a Klondike bar? Kill your wife?!
    Technically Leslie Knope
  3. I always tell ppl to take the high road. That way there is more room for me ..on the low road
    Mimics driving a car
  4. Nooooo! I was tevo-ing cupcake wars!
    While "camping"
  5. Any interaction with Jean Ralphio
  6. One - Zero - negative a billion, don't talk about it anymore please
    Re: Leslie's education