1. The Sorority Scream
    The pterodactyl screeches made by women bump into other women they know by surprise. This gif is a literal depiction of what I have seen adult females do... In public.
  2. Shooting Games
    Why are they always turned up to eleven? Everyone knows what a gun sounds like.
  3. Squeals
    Pigs, children/babies, girls unexpectedly bumping into other girls they know.
  4. Bagpipes
  5. Adult Women with a Baby Voice
    We don't need to immediately know you were molested as a child. It's too much information. I can't pay attention to what you are saying bc I'm too busy trying to figure out if it was your dad or your uncle.
  6. Neighbor Sex
    I don't know what is worse: the awkward dirty talk or the 5 minute wrap-it-up fake orgasm
  7. Banging on a pan
    This gif is of an iconic moment
  8. Engine revving
    Scenario 1: No one can see you, so who is supposed to be impressed by the racket? Scenario 2: Everyone can see you - and you're an asshole.