Don't try to explain it - I've already over analyzed it all and come up empty-brained.
  1. Columbus Day as a day of celebration
    It should be treated more like 9/11
  2. Why brunch has to be only on Sundays
  3. Why some people put excessive emphasis on the "ay" in mayonnaise
  4. Sports fans
    Who take it too far. I have a friend who won't have sex with his wife if the Spurs lose. No one wins there.
  5. Funny women are tramps!
    Guys think I'm funny and assume I'm loose. Having a relaxed personality makes my vagina relaxed, too, right?!
  6. "We're not going anywhere fancy"
    Why do people here always have to be so damned underdressed?! I'm not expecting anyone to channel Jackie O to pick up groceries, but enough with the Tyler's tees and athletic shorts. We're living in a SOCIETY! If you're out to dinner where they dim the lights and have a piano player, don't look at me like I'm insane for wearing heels and chiffon. It's not like I'm strutting around, donning a tiara like some psychopath. It's a dress and heels. Swing your shade elsewhere.
  7. What I am doing
    As a person. As an adult person.
  8. Obsession with Fancy Lifestyles
    Why are people so enamored with these "luxurious lifestyle" IGs, FBs, etc.? I love opulence, but I'm not going to idolize a false sense of reality. That's not "success" it? It isn't to me, anyway.