Normalcy is relative, but I welcome your criticism.
  1. Reminder to be nice
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    Set alarm reminding me to be nice to my husband because he puts up with a lot of nonsense.
  2. Check out restrooms
    Some are very opulent.
  3. Make the bed before getting in it
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    Naps are just better that way
  4. Make detailed reminders
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    I was told I live life like the dude in Momento.
  5. Eat cream cheese straight from the container.
    Well, the tub. Let's call it what it is - it's a tub.
  6. Wax my 'stache
    If you're one of those woman who doesn't have a mustache by sheer luck, you have one and we can all see it.
  7. Wine during lunch
    It's one glass. Am I supposed to pretend to care about what you think?
  8. Put on full makeup with lashes to have operation.
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    I refused to wear the hairnet so they put it on me after I was knocked out.