Anyone get both tremendous enjoyment and frustration from their parents' struggle with technology? Because I do. On the whole though, only lump-in-the-throat kinda love for this lady:) ❤️👪
  1. Huh? What's cute?
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  2. She's driving cross-country, occassionally shouting out the names of towns she's driving through, with no more information, in a group text to the whole family
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  3. Not June Cleaver...or Steve Jobs, but lovely in all other ways
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  4. Status update following colonoscopy/confusion re: success of new bird feeder
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  5. Ditching my efforts for an adverb-text-tennis match
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  6. Unwavering support in the face of my terrible choices
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  7. The ever-present struggle with password requirements...we were "laughing out loud."
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