Here is a conglomeration of many $10-smoothies I have purchased over the years and hated myself for spending hundreds of GW's on. So ya...the drill goes: throw in blender, press button, drink. Watch skin get glowier, hair get growier and general sex-appreal compound. The End.
  1. Almond Milk
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  2. Cram blender full of kale
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    Trader Joes has bags of pre-cut kale. As ridiculous as it life is approx 12% better when I don't have to tear my own kale. There, said it.
  3. much as your little ♥️ desires
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  4. Pink Himalayan Salt
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  5. much as you want!
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  6. Chia seeds...nutty, crunchy, omega 3, Aztec god amazingness
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  7. Peanut or almond butter, 1-2 tblspn
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    The good kind. You know what I mean.
  8. A dash of olive oil
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  9. CALM magnesium powder. I love love love.
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    Helps me with headaches, immune system, my crazy brain, and on and on. Google magnesium deficiency and you'll be amazed how many people have it!
  10. Frozen strawberries or blueberries
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  11. Vanilla Sun Warrior Protein Powder deliciousness
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    Buy on Amazon. Worth every penny. Plus don't have to deal with the inevitable, additional $50 that Whole Foods always relieves one of in some magical, mystery-ridey way that scientists can't explain.
  12. Note: Smoothie ingredient conversations are the new [something annoying, yet clever]. I embrace this fact and believe it is my fundamental right to pretend it is different when I do it.
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