there were a bunch of movies my parents wouldn't let me watch as a kid so i would go watch them at my uncles house because there were literally no rules there.
  1. Scarface
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    a classic rags to riches story, with cocaine sprinkled in for good measure. ultimate Miami aesthetic
  2. Literally every John Wayne movie
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    casual racism & gunfights
  3. Innocent Blood
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    A mob boss gets bitten by a vampire???
  4. The Godfather trilogy
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    I mean they're beautifully shot, but Sonny's death scene is the reason i hate toll booths to this day
  5. so many kung fu movies
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    eventually i asked to learn tae kwon do so i could just walk around kicking ass too
  6. Smokey & the Bandit
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    They're illegally transporting beer in Arkansas. Gross humor. But Sally Field is in it so it's cool
  7. a lot more, and absolutely none of them were meant to be viewed by kids
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