In honor of this being my 100th list, here are some things that earn that description. Alternative title: some topics in my drafts folder
  1. Getting snail mail you weren't expecting
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  2. Sour Patch Kids
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    But not that blue flavored crappy one.
  3. My baseball Keds
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    They were limited edition or something, and I have legit never hunted down a pair of shoes so intensely in my life. I was like one of the Nazgul hunting the ring. I even called the Keds factory. Not factory store. The actual factory.
  4. Jim Halpert
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    Just 👌
  5. Frances Burney and these other bad-ass literary ladies: SOME BADASS WOMEN IN LITERARY HISTORY📚
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    Shameless self-list-promotion
  6. Häagen Dazs Mint Chip ice cream
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  7. This look on Bernie's face post-debate
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    He doesn't smile often but when he does it's adorable; and how he interacted with and looked at his wife after this debate was adorable too.
  8. Cambridge Companion books
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    I may have purchased a few of these on Cyber Monday because even though I'm done with grad school I can still nerd out guys.
  9. A Low Country Boil
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    Went to my first one in YEARS with @rrrach_b when I was in Atlanta this past weekend. Then immediately went to the airport and felt sort of bad for the person who had to sit next to me because I'm sure I smelled like shellfish which is so gross 🙊
  10. Calvin
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    Our family dog. Lives with the 'rents, so we have a long distance relationship and it's ruff
  11. Band of Brothers
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    Book and mini-series
  12. Tangled
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    Yup, Rapunzel > Elsa
  13. Wood-fired pizza
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  14. Papa John's garlic sauce
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    I prefer good pizza to Papa John's 20x over but I am the first to admit that most of the good pizza places I go to serve garlic sauce like PJ's. Probably because their pizzas "don't need it" but whatever, I LOVE this stuff, and I cannot recreate it at home. They need to sell this stuff by the bottle. Update: @thecomicswife reminded me about &Pizza's garlic sauce.
  15. Green juice
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    You thought I was all about the bad foods right? Well you're not wrong. But my favorite green juice is also 💣and I have been known to wash down pizza with it because I'm a lesson in self-contradiction.