Requested by @solena
Wonderful LR @solena, thank you! There were a lot of crappy things about 2016 so it was nice to remember it's not actually worth burning the whole year to the ground.
  1. Worked for months on a West Wing reunion that benefitted my old NPO, culminated at an event in March at WB studios. Turned out 💯
    Was also my first time on the West Coast, so this is a twofer
  2. The day I found out I got the fed government job I now work in. And then the day it really seemed real.
  3. My last national conference at my old job.
    I loved my role and my coworkers were amazing, and I knew I'd be leaving soon so it was exciting but bittersweet. Work trip #2 to California this year and we squeezed in time for fun.
  4. When I discovered my love of kayaking
  5. When I went to Florida for a girl cousins reunion
  6. Multiple trips to Arizona
    Favorite memories are from the second one, when I went with my Uncle to his chemo and other treatments but he was still healthy enough to go off-roading
  7. Playing Monopoly Go at Eastern Market on a brisk but sunny fall day
  8. Multiple bachelorette and engagement parties and weddings
    NOLA, State College, Pittsburgh, Chicago.
  9. When I chopped off all my hair on a complete whim but loved it and felt like a new person
  10. When I became a member at my church
    I'd been attending for 2 years so it was about time I got my act together and made it official. I love our church community.
  11. When I visited one of my best friends in NYC
  12. Thanksgiving with the fam and roommate @bookishclaire
    After the worst November in recent memory thx to you-know-who