Visited my parents in PA over Halloween; here's the rough breakdown.
  1. Number of helpings of spaghetti I had for dinner last night. Also the number of apple cinnamon crepes I ate for breakfast this morning, along with 1 🍳.
    You will soon see that food figures prominently in my visits home.
  2. The number of front teeth I'm missing in this photo @billdawson showed me
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    My Dad is scanning in photos and saving them on an external hard drive and he loves this project.
  3. The number of pieces of 🍕 I ate tonight
    Actually it was 3.5 because I'm a quitter and couldn't polish off the fourth😩
  4. The number of episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine I watched with my friend Sarah
    This year's Halloween episode was excellent👌
  5. The number of times I told @lynndawson that all I want for Christmas is this 8ft tall teddy bear
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    Costco has the coolest stuff.
  6. The number of excuses my Mom came up with for why I can't/shouldn't have an 8ft teddy bear
  7. The number of times I said, "he's just the best dog" about Calvin our Shiba Inu
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    I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it. See here: PHOTOS OF MY DOG I DIDN'T PUT ON INSTAGRAM
  8. The number of fun-size candy bars I ate from the leftover Halloween candy.
  9. The number of times my Mom asked if I wanted anything else to eat/if I got enough food.
    I have a trimester sized food baby, but she won't stop suggesting things I should eat.
  10. The number of times I've said I'm not ready for tomorrow to be Monday.
  11. Actually, 0: number of Amish or Mennonite buggies seen in the last 24 hours.