Major roommate points for wanting to cook for us @bookishclaire
  1. Mushrooms.
  2. Salmon.
    I know it's good for me and I should like it and it always smells nice so I think I WILL like it, but I just don't in any way, shape, or form.
  3. Blue cheese.
    All other cheeses 💯
  4. Broccoli.
  5. Quiche.
    Not sure why I don't like quiche, since I love breakfast food and soufflé and that's essentially what it is...
  6. Olives.
  7. Raw onion.
  8. Moscato.
    This is not a food but people do cook with wine so I figure it counts. Moscato is sickly sweet 😖
  9. Super spicy Indian food.
    But I do like mild Indian food especially the lamb thing grilled in those clay pot things.
  10. Scallops.
  11. Soup. I wish I liked soup. I always try soup, because most soups smell amazing and are relatively healthy. But nope. Consistency thing maybe?