Confident I could hold my own in a brief, cursory conversation about any of the following topics:
  1. 90s NBA stars
    Everything I know, I learned from Space Jam.
  2. Algebra
    Math is not my strong suit, ok?
  3. Salt-N-Pepa lyrics
    I feel confident I can nail maybe 15% of the lyrics of their top 5 songs.
  4. Investing
    I have a 401k, that I don't really know what I'm doing with; beyond that—nope.
  5. Some of the lyric meanings and history behind Don McLean's American Pie
  6. Contemporary poetry
    LOVE Natasha Tretheway...but she is one of the few contemporary poets I can even name let alone discuss.
  7. Car care
    I get my oil changed when the number on the JiffyLube sticker on my windshield is only slightly higher than the number on my odometer. And I know what an odometer is 👍.
  8. Horse racing
  9. The Brontë family
  10. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  11. Wine Making
    Everything I know about this, I learned from the books A Good Year and Eight Hundred Grapes. And "everything" boils down to: soil is extremely important and "must" is unfermented grape juice made from everything (stem and all).
  12. That winter Olympic game where a team with brooms sweeps the ice really fast in order to make a heavy stone thing glide.
  13. The Battle of Waterloo
  14. Michael Phelps
  15. The Kennedys
    Compared to the average American I probably know a decent amount..,but I live in DC so comparative to most people here I'm an uneducated Philistine on the topic.
  16. N.W.A.
    Should probably see Straight Outta Compton
  17. Banksy
  18. Cocktail making
    Cocktail consuming is another matter all together.
  19. Antiquing
  20. Actors unions
    Used to know nothing but my boss is/was an actor; I just found out that Actors' Equity Association is specifically for stage actors and managers. Ya learn something new every day. (Have a feeling I'm one of the few Listers who didn't know this already.)
  21. The British Premier League
    I'm a big Chelsea fan but when it comes to details of the League as a whole, admittedly only know basics SPORTS TEAMS I ROOT FOR
  22. PowerPoint
  23. The relationship between potassium and magnesium
  24. American University
    Got my MA here but don't ask me about any programs besides Literature or Public Affairs, please 🙈